Do You Care for Someone with Dementia?

Below are a collection of resources that caregivers can use to feel supported as they care for someone with dementia.

Clear Face Mask

Consider wearing a clear/window face mask while caring for those living with dementia and/or hearing impairments.

Family VDT

To help family members learn more about the challenges their loved ones with dementia face, the Virtual Dementia Tour Family Edition, a condensed version of the VDT, was designed specifically for use in home settings.

Your Window into Their World

Take an insider’s look at caregiving for those living with dementia based on empathy and understanding.

Dementia Certified

The Dementia Interpreter course is designed to enable participants to understand people living with dementia.

DREAMS Members

Second Wind DreamsĀ® award-winning Dreams Program sheds light on the positive aspects of aging.

Your Donation Helps Fund Dreams

Commit to "Changing the Perception of Aging" and donate to Second Wind Dreams today! Help us continue our efforts to create more empathetic care, fulfilling elders' dreams, and continue research for those who suffer from dementia. Every dollar you give benefits those affected by dementia.

From face-to-face support and online education programs to promising worldwide research initiatives, your donation makes a difference.