Virtual Dementia Tour® Certified Trainers

This is a list of VDT® Certified Trainers who have received more advanced and specialized VDT training than facilitators who have been trained to use the VDT program.  For information about VDT program providers or Certified Trainers in your area, contact

Find out how to become a facilitator here, or click hereto apply to become a Certified Trainer.


    * Certified Trainers offering specialized VDT services:  D = DACE Coach, F = Family VDT, H = Hospital VDT, I = Inclusive VDT, M = Mobile VDT
      + Certified Trainers offering Dreams Coach service


  • Leisa Askew
  • Sandra Bryant D
  • Shala Coots* D, H
  • Maria Davis
  • ​Jenifer Hagovsky* D, H
  • Dana Robinson* D, H, I
  • ​Jacquelyn Shope* D


  • Kari Johnson* H, M
  • Hillary Patterson* D, I
  • Susan Wielochowski


  • Mary Hrinko* D, H


  • Hope Carwile
  • Elizabeth Collins* D, I
  • Briana Kohlbrenner* D, H
  • Olivia Mogab* D, H
  • Candace Ortega* D, H
  • Meagan Reynolds* D, H


  • Michelle Wyman* D, H, I


  • Linda Bledsoe* D, F, H
  • Jennifer Castillo* D, H
  • Mel Coppola* D, I
  • LaPorsha Crumbs* H
  • Carmen Fernandez
  • Tina Haugstad* H
  • Libbi Hash* D, H
  • Lindsay Largent* H
  • Clarke Pollard* D, F, H, I
  • Darby “DJ” Ryan* D, H
  • Glen Scharfeld* M
  • Jack Waldroup* D


  • Leigh Anne Aaron
  • Jennifer Armstead* D, I
  • Jenay Beer
  • Wendy Beatty* D, H
  • Myra Braswell* D, H; +
  • Beth Cayce* D, F, H, I
  • Cloud Conrad* D, H, I
  • Allison Eaddy
  • Sara Ekart* D, H
  • Nicole Giroir* D, F, H, I
  • Janelle Gore
  • Jennifer Harrison
  • Blake Johnson* D
  • Gwenyth Johnson* D, H
  • Myra Johnson Scott
  • Ginger King* D, H, I
  • Devin Lavender* D
  • Layla Marshall* H
  • Tiney Ray* D, H
  • Alan Skipper* D, H


  • Karee Curry* D, H


  • Zina Karana* D, H
  • Ellen Masuret* D, F, H, I
  • Cher Miller* D
  • Laurene Turner* D, H


  • ​Deanna Jackson* D, H, I; +
  • Robin Reef* D, H​


  • Stacie Alleger* D, H


  • Darla Crabtree
  • Carla Guthrie* D
  • April Stauffer* D


  • Christina Chartrand


  • Pat Coffelt* H
  • Mark Friedman


  • Lindsay Charlefour* D
  • Holly McGran* D, H
  • Teri Rapp* D, H


  • Alicia Carley* D, H
  • Jennifer Fisher* D, I
  • Tina Haugstad* H
  • Wendy Potratz* D, H
  • Erin Thompson* D, I


  • Jean Claire Bounds* D
  • Janet Butts* D
  • Yolanda Diaz* D
  • Jana Donahoe* D, H
  • Laura Gillom* D
  • Debby Gooch* D, H
  • Melora Jackson* D, F, H, I


  • Christi Crawford* D, H
  • Jennifer Walker* D, H; +


  • Terri Goldsmith* D, H
  • April McKenna* D, H, I

New Jersey

  • Emily Balog* D, H
  • Sarah Martin Janson* D
  • Ricardo Pena* D, H
  • Evelyn Queen-Baron* D

New York

  • Sharon Dudley* D, H
  • Toni Fisk* D, H, I

North Carolina

  • Djuna Acker* D, I
  • Sylvia Brown-Smith* D, I
  • Kim Grier* D, F, H, I
  • Vanessa Haygood* D, F, I
  • Martha Livingston* D, H, I
  • Christine Stempel


  • Melissa Chambers* D, H
  • Cheryl Freed* D, H
  • Paula Mahl* D, H
  • April Suva* D, H


  • Ronit Cohen* D, H
  • Dawn Pratt* D, H


  • Liane Battista* D, H
  • Juana Linn* D, H
  • Kristin Smith* D, H; +
  • Melanie Titzel

 Rhode Island

  • Donna Ashworth* D, H

 South Dakota

  • Stephanie Mayfield* D, H


  • Kristen Porter* D, I; +


  • Zaundra Ellis* D
  • Christina Edwardson* D
  • Shonda Hendrix* D, H
  • Donna Huddleston* H
  • Debbie James* F
  • Megan Leibas* D, H, I
  • Noemi Rodriguez* D, F, H, I; +
  • Kwahera Spears* D, H
  • Stephanie Wofford


  • Becky Arbella* D, H; +


  • Paula Harder
  • Katie Harlow* D


  • Mandy Ketcham

West Virginia

  • Connie Cochran* D, H


  • Justine Barton* D, H
  • Sara Deprey* D, H
  • Paula Gibson* H
  • Amber Hoon* D, H
  • Karie Kobiske* D, H
  • Dinah LaCaze* D, F, H, I


  • Heather Comstock* D, F, H, I
  • Erica Davidson* D, H
  • Jodie McClure* D, H
  • Erica Palmer* D, H

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