Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation

The need for observable and measurable outcomes in dementia care, especially in the areas of competency, sensitivity, empathy, dignity and respect, is imperative.  The Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation (DACE) is designed to meet that need.  Based on 30 years of research, this approach can be used in any caregiving setting and as a benchmark of caregiver performance over time.

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Finally, A Way to Assess Competency in Person-Centered Care

The DACE is administered by a person trained in dementia care (i.e. administrator, supervisor, director of nursing) and used to measure the competency of the caregiver’s ability to engage positivity with those living with cognitive impairments.

​It is recommended that the DACE assessment is conducted BEFORE and AFTER dementia training, which may include the Virtual Dementia Tour® program (VDT) to determine the success of the training program.

This method of learning allows for real-world feedback and training based on the caregiver’s specific situation. DACE indicators have been developed according to best practices associated with positive outcomes of care. This approach follows the principles of person-centered care.

Works Well with the Virtual Dementia Tour

Benefits of using DACE:

  • Caregiver behavior is tabulated on a five-point Likert scale. The DACE method produces a total score for each caregiver in addition to a score for each activity of daily living (ADL’s). Scoring provides information about the areas of improvement, baseline scores for caregivers and a mechanism for tracking progress.
  • Provides real-time data. The DACE assessment includes an online database application for creating records and running automated reports that provide comparative analysis between care providers, departments, shifts and most importantly each person-centered competencies. This data analysis quickly provides targets for training and improvement in care.
  • Provides ongoing review for HR performance evaluation and documentation. Over time, results from DACE assessments will provide invaluable insight to supervisory personnel by showing clearly which caregivers need specific areas of training to enhance quality performance.
  • CEU approved for 1 hour of nursing.

Format of DACE Assessment Tool: Application that is easily accessible online through your computer or mobile devices

Interpretation of outcomes: Based on the data inputted for each question, a series of interpretive guidelines will be generated for the person being observed.

​When used in conjunction with training tailored to results of DACE, there is a documented positive trend in care.  This trend, according to independent research, results in a decrease in behavioral incidents, abuse allegations, and psych medications.  In addition, DACE is used by Human Resources to document provision of care and staffing placement.

Have a Certified Trainer Coach your Use of DACE

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