Dementia Interpreters

Second Wind Dreams® is proud to join our UK partner, Training2Care Group, as we prepare to launch the exclusive Dementia Interpreters Excellence pathway created by CEO Glenn Knight.

About Dementia Interpreters

The Dementia Interpreter course is designed to enable participants to better understand people living with dementia and recognize that their behaviors are often a way of communicating.

Becoming a Dementia Interpreter is a 5-stage qualification process beginning with experienctial training. You will be recognized for each achievement level after comopletion. Once you have become a fully qualified, level 5 Interpreter, you will have met and developed your skills to the highest standards, however, this is a lifelong commitment, and you will have to continually increase knowledge to support everyone.

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About the Creator

Glenn Knight is the CEO of Training 2 CARE group who are one of the largest care specific training providers in England.  Glenn’s team deliver over 160 different types of courses and are proud to be the UK partners of Second Wind Dreams to deliver the inspirational Virtual Dementia Tour®.

Glenn comments, “The increase in the worldwide population of people who have dementia is challenging and we need to ensure that the dementia landscape remains open to change, is innovative, and embeds the best continually developed training available. The Dementia Interpreters pathway to excellent care will build the first truly worldwide community of dementia professionals that will continually learn and adapt to industry challenges by increasing understanding of communication and learning ‘the Language of Dementia’.  My organization is passionate about giving a voice to people who have dementia but also the staff who work to improve lives but are rarely given the opportunity to make changes. The Dementia Interpreters course and the Dementia Dictionary will drive change and help families, care staff, communities, and care providers reconnect to improve lives.”

​Glenn is committed to life adjusting experiences and will continue to improve understanding by using evidenced based training. This will then help the millions of people who are diagnosed with dementia each year to live the final part of their lives with dignity, respect, inclusion and ensure that their voice will always be heard.

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