Hospital Virtual Dementia Tour ®

This specialized program simulates what a visit to the hospital feels like for a person with dementia. On top of being sick or injured, they face unique challenges in a hospital setting.

Improve The Hospital Experience For Patients And Staff

This evidence-based dementia training simulates the dementia patient’s experience in the hospital, and helps them translate their own experience into approaches and practices that ensure a better outcome for patients as well as staff and other personnel.

Gain a deeper understanding of hospital patients living with dementia:

  • Informs empathic, person-centered care.
  • Increases patient comfort and compliance.
  • Reduces stressful interactions with patients.
  • Decreases use of psychotropic medications.
  • Improves staff efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Shortens length of stay and consequent secondary issues.
  • Improves patient, family and staff satisfaction.
  • Results in significant cost savings to the hospital.

Make Your Hospital Age And Dementia Friendly Today!

Getting The Program
Starting at $975

  • Virtual Dementia Tour equipment, materials, license/membership.
  • Online training to facilitate VDT plus hospital-specific supplement.
  • Use any time for onboarding and ongoing dementia training

Schedule a Training
Starting at $1,500

  • Certified Trainer delivers VDT in hospital setting.
    1.5 hours CEUs available.
  • Schedule one-time or routine training dates.
  • Travel and living expenses may apply.

Become a Certified Trainer
Starting at $975

  • Advanced and specialized in-person training.
  • Equipment, materials, license/membership plus hospital-specific supplement.
  • Extra capabilities like training facilitators, offering CEUs, conducting VDT for other organizations and hospitals.

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